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    We had to make the painful decision to give her up as my husband is allergic to her fur.

    As we love our rabbit very much, all adopters will be interviewed before we decide who should own her.

    These are some qualities we are looking for in the adopter:-

    (1) Pet Lover / Bunny Lover
    (2) Responsible
    (3) Does not travel very often (even if he/she travels often, there’s someone else at home who can help care for the rabbit)
    (4) Preferably no young children (less than 12 years old), unless they are well experienced with pets and are gentle with animals.
    (5) The rabbit should be allowed to roam the home under supervision when there’s someone at home. This rabbit is so smart that she knows how to:
    – Hop out of her cage on her own when you open the door to let her out
    – She roams the house (we restrict her only to the living room) on her own and NEVER poos or pees around the house (though sometimes she may accidentally drop 1 or 2 poo which is very rare).
    – She knows how to hop back into her cage when she needs to poo/pee/eat.
    – At night, when the lights go off and the room is pitch black, she hops back into her cage on her own – she recognises that she needs to return to her cage when the lights go out at night.

    (6) When there’s no one home, she remains locked in her cage.
    (7) Rabbits should never be allowed to roam with other larger animals in the house such as cats or dogs.
    (8) It is a bonus is the new owner currently owns other sterilised rabbits. Our rabbit is not yet sterilised, but the new owner can arrange for it to be done when she’s 4-6 months old.

    We bought her from a petshop with a package totalling $900 (we have the receipt) that came with the following:

    – Cage
    – Water bottle
    – Food Bowl
    – Litter Box
    – Bedding
    – Baby Rabbit Food
    – Wooden Chew Toy
    – Vitamin C
    – Vitamin for hairball removal (Papaya Flavoured)
    – Vitamin for her fur coat
    – Brush
    – Powder (for powder bath)

    We’ll give all these to the new owner at an adoption fee of $100-200 (depending on how much the adoptee is willing to pay) just to recuperate some costs.

    We hope the adopter will send us photos of her every 6 months, so that we know how she’s doing and whether she’s happy. If possible, it’ll be wonderful if the adopter allows us to visit her once in awhile.

    If you’re the right person to love our bunny, please call Ivy at 90992610 or email me at [email protected]

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