requesting help for my new pac-man

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    How’s it going. I just got a new pacman frog.. I have had him for about 3wks. Now & I can’t get him to eat anything. Of course u can understand how this can b angering. I have placed wax-worms in front of him, dangled small chunks of ham, crickets with the legs cut off, and I don’t know what to do…. his temperature is at any given time between 76-82* I don’t have a humidity guage yet, but I keep it nicely moist in there, i also maintain a 75-25% wet to dry ratio. So basicaly im askin is…. am I goin about it rite? I have been told he is in a “hibernative” state right now & to just let him stick it out. But as I said in the beginning its been almost 3wks now. Although he has not lost much size, I am still worried. Thanx for reading & hopefuly someone can help me.


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