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    Hi all, cannot believe how happy I am to know this website is still up and running! I haven’t logged on in over four years, amazing to still see it is as great as it was all those years ago. 😀

    Just need some advice really, I am still lucky enough to have my 7 year old dwarf lop, Bunny, who I know is getting on a bit now but I’d like to think there is plenty of life left in my little man! 🙂

    Unfortunately he has been going through a pretty bad moult recently. After some research here and there online I figured it was probably a natural ‘bad’ moult that happens every 3 moults or so. The hair from the back of his neck to his bottom back all seemed to turn gray and fall out pretty quickly, however I was pleased to see lovely healthy hair growing underneath which looks great.

    However he seems to be becoming more and more lethargic each day. For the past week or so he hasn’t seemed to eat anything apart from a small yoghurt drop here and there, any vegetables are ignored and any opportunity he has to graze and exercise out of his hutch goes unnoticed. I really see any activity in him recently and its getting me worried.

    Could this be related to his moult? I would have thought by now his eating would have picked up again. I do believe he is drinking regularly.

    Thank you for any help in advance, and I’d like to reiterate how great it is to relive my PetsHub experience four years on!

    Jenni x

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