RIP Fritz June 3rd,2002-September 29,2010

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    It is with a broken heart I report the passing of my beloved little pal Fritz,he was 8 years old.He was fine up until Sunday morning when he vomited on the floor,hadn’t ate much since,all he was doing was drinking water but the vet said Wednesday he was dehydrated and he had lost 6 pounds since Sunday,a third of his weight.Fritz had been peeing in the house,attributed to him not being able to hold it,it turned out he had Kidneys that were failing and he had diabetes ,the reading was 36,should have been three.he was put on intravenous and was to have blood work done and x rays,he was to come home yesterday,The vet phoned at 20 to 1 on Wednesday and told Mom the results.If he had come home,he would need 24 hour care and medication and if something went wrong and he couldn’t get to the vets,it would close at 7,had to go to a emergency clinic and that would be $500, for every trip so Mom decided it was best top put him down.I was too broken to go with mom so my sister went.I really miss the little fella,so does Mom,have cried a lot the past 2 days.Yesterday we decided we are going to get a Shih Tzu puppy.Mom called a breeder not far from here,she has 2 females,one is pregnant ,wasn’t t sure about the other,the litter will come in 5 weeks and maybe 8-12 weeks after that,we will have a puppy.I have appreciated all the comments about Fritz over the last 6 years,they were much appreciated.Barry Macklin ,Bowmanville,Ontario,Canada.



    My condolences, how are you holding up?

    Did you get another pet or was it very traumatic for you???




    I know how you feel my hamster got put to sleep on the 14 of October and she was only 10 months old and I really miss her:crybucket:crybucket:crybucket

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