RIP Rascal

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    Hi guys,it has been a long time since I have been here. If you remember me at all. Anyways just yesterday I lost my dear Rascal. We moved in may and neither bunny adjusted well to it. Guess it was just too much for her. I will miss her so very much,she was my baby. Binky is not doing too good at the moment,combo of depression and stress. Doing what we can to help him. Hopefully we can keep him around a little longer.

    Also lost Whiskers and Piggy (my guinea pigs) over the last 6 months. Lost all of my rats over the last couple years. Had bad luck with mice and hamsters heh. Did adopt a new trio of ratties though! Have a couple new piggies as well.

    Also had a baby girl in 2011. She is now 18 months old and gonna be a big sister in november.

    Well just wanted to share. Thanks.

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