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    I walk Sadie late at night as she does not get along well with other dogs. Less chance of bumping into one this way. Well i stopped in an alley to reply to a text, Sadie’s tail was just going nuts! She was very much into something beside this persons shed so i pulled her away and looked, this poor little bunny =( had no chance, it must have been like 4 weeks old. I didnt want Sadie touching it so i pulled her away more and was about to leave when i saw it kinda kick its hind legs, With out hesitation i grabbed the bunny and headed home. I have owned them before, this was no wild rabbit ! I force fed the poor thing water. Not tooo forcibly of course. With in hours she was able to nibble some carrots, and the next day i purchased some bunny food & hay.

    Now im keeping her without a doubt, i have posted found ads on every calgary site possible. Nothing turned up and its been 3 weeks.
    I took her to my vet and he gave her a clean bill of health =D
    I have a few questions..

    How can i tell if she will be a lop?
    How to litter train her?
    Anyone know a way to make her life more fun, toys and such? Homemade preferably.


    Any name ideas? I always give my animals middle names to so please give a first and middle.

    Lilo my chihuahua loves her ! finally something her size in the house =) and Sadie thinks its her baby .. :p



    How absolutely gorgeous, and yeah definately not a wild bunny!



    I know you posted this over a month ago but I hope your baby bunny is doing well. You should be able to tell if it’s a lop by now. Judging from the pic I’m thinking yes:) very cute bunny! Let me know if you found answers to your questions. I have had my 2 bunnies for 7 years and my husband has a bunny that is just under a year old.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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