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    I have had my lab cross for 2 years as of September 7th.
    We have two other dogs and she has been around many other dogs her whole life. But roughly about 6 months ago she was attacked by two pitbulls. Now i have nothing against that breed in fact i love them, i blame the owner 100%
    But since the attack Sadie is just pure rage !
    I mean me, my ex(boyfriend at the time), Sadie & my chihuahua Lilo used to drive to British Columbia a lot. Never had a problem or anything. The trips stopped because if Sadie saw a dog out the window while driving she would go nuts! To make matters worse now even if she sees people she barks to!
    I cant take her for walks anymore because if she attacks another dog or person i may lose my baby girl. I know im going to get yelled at for saying this, but right now i do not have the money for puppy classes. Lilo just got over being extremely sick and that costed me a lot of money in vet bills. We just moved back to Alberta as me and my boyfriend broke up so i am now living with my parents again. Sadie gets along with my chihuahua and my moms shepherd cross but anything else to cross her path is as good as dead. UNLESS we bring it into our home. Which i find weird because shouldnt she be more protective of her territory? But no, she doesnt bark nor charge if its in the house. Maybe because we have established dominance of the house?

    To be honest i would prefer not putting Sadie into classes, i find them to be pointless and not worth the time. I have seen many people walk out of them saying they learnt nothing new.

    So any advice would be great.



    Your dog is suffering from stress related agression. She got attacked while out, so she is now scared and will be agressive towards other dogs purely from fear of being attacked again.
    If you do not get this under control soon, it will become a very real issue. Either see a behaviouralist or take her to obedience classes. If she is now barking at people also, the problem is progressing and not on the mend!

    As for saying classes are pointless and not worth the time, that is nothing more than a copout. You only get out of classes what you are prepared to put in. Most think they can go to a few classes and their dog will be instantly obedient and all its issues will be gone. That is far from realistic view!

    I had a VERY human agressive large dog (80+kg) i could not walk him anywhere, had to be on guard constantly for fear he would latch onto someone. 1 yr of classes, while still not totally stanger friendly i could walk him in crowds with no fear of him suddenly launching himself at someone teeth bared! He went from a snapping nasty biting creature to a calm obedient dog (while on lead and in public!) He loved the classes, an i loved having a controllable dog.



    She was actually attacked in the house. We lived on the top floor and a friend lived down stairs, but he failed to let us know his girl was bringing her two pitties over.
    Well while i was letting Sadie out she came up the stairs and the dogs latched onto her and dragged her dog the stairs. I had got in the middle of it and grabbed her collar (i didnt know what to do) and i was pulling her and then did let go pretty quick but came back at her and got me instead.

    I guess classes are my only way, and i am more then willing to put my all into them and listen 100% maybe its not Sadie i guarantee her aggression comes from my fear of it. She senses i am scared (of her attacking) but maybe she just senses my fear and is protecting me. Or maybe she is just scared herself. I will have to find out. And put my all in to doing do.

    Also because of this attack she is terrifyed of everything. I mean it would seem as if i beat her. Which i have never laid a hand on her. But if i go to pet her she cowards. I can coax her up and everything but the habbit of dropping when anyone comes near her continues?? Anyway i can stop this as well?

    Thanks for the advice

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