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    I rescued a pair of guineas…living in a small 20 gal aquarium!!! poor things couldn’t even move and the owner willingly let me have them. i have to admit i never owned a guinea and didn’t know much about them so i did as much research as i could and built them a cavycage. they were sooo happy and popcorned a lot. i was happy to help. unfortunatey the one i called duke died (he seemed to be much older than the other one) Jaxon who is a orange and black brindle short haired guinea is now all alone,. i know they need to be in pair but i am afraid to take on the responsiblity of getting another mainly because i am not educated enough on the animals and want them to have a really great life. Jaxon who is now on his own has become somewhat wild and is much less confident being on his own, he was very young when i got him (about half the size of duke)…. duke was the leader of this relationship. i hope someone would want to bring jaxon into thier guinea clan so that he can have a happy life and so he can become more social again. He is very friendly and has never bitten, he just tends to run and hide a lot now. We also have dogs, so i am afraid to let them get ground time, etc. so i believe a new home would be better for the guinea, although i do love him a lot. if anyone would be interested in adopting him, cage and all, please just let me know. I would like it to be a person who can add him to guineas they already own, he is passive, so that i know the person knows how to care for him. i would hate for him to go back to a horrible living condition that he came from. i may not know how to care for a guinea perfectly but i know what cruelty is and this poor boy has had a hard life.

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