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    Less than a year ago i was able to rescue 2 male guinea pigs, they were living in a 20 gal aquarium!! and could hardly move. the owner willingly gave them to me. i admit i knew nothing about guinea pigs but i felt horrible for them so i took them home and did as much research as i could. One was more dominant and social, the other was only confident following his buddy but he was a lot younger. i built them a cavycage and have been doing my best to care for them. Just recently however the dominate one, i named duke, passed away. This has left poor jaxon very depressed. He is hardly social at all and now hides all the time. i would like someone to take him home to thier own one or more guineas so he won’t be lonely anymore. I fear that i don’t know enough about these animals to go and get another and i feel they would be much happier with someone who knows what they are doing. my guineas could not have floor time because i have dogs as well and i am fixing to start medical school. I knew taking them that i didn’t know what i was doing but i obviously knew better than thier previous owner did and i just didn’t want them to suffer anymore. If anyone would like to adopt/take Jaxon, i would be greatly appreciative. He is friendly and has never bitten, he is just timid. he is an orange and black short haired (brindle looking) guinea. and he is not neutered, he is however very passive and i believe an easy mate for another guinea. I am willing to give guinea, cage and all to someone who knows what they are doing….he must be with another (1 or more) because he is very lonely and i would just love for him to have a happy ending, i cannot let him go back to being neglected like he was.

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