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    PLEASE HELP!! My albino mouse is one and a half years old and he WILL NOT STOP itching himself!! :crybucket He is missing a lot of fur on his upper back, near his shoulders. What we be good for me to feed him? I took him to the vet and they didn’t know what he has, maybe mites they said. He is all red and cut himself almost all the way to the bone! Please help because he means to soooo much to me!! What should I put on his boo-boo?? Thanks



    Sucks no one has responded to you yet. This is pretty much what happened to one of my mice before she died. She began scratching herself and started to do so so much that she created an open wound on herself that would not heal. She eventually died and I believe it was from this.

    I took her to the vet several times where *I* deduced that it was mites, and they simply confirmed. The standard way to rid an animal of mites requires to give them a shot of some really potent stuff which if administered wrong, could be lethal or worse. So, i opted for some kitten mite treatment that seemed to work and some anti itch spray I purchased on line.

    At the end of the day though it was too late and snowball just couldn’t stop starching her wound. Try to get ointment that is non toxic that you can put on the wound to prevent infection. Maybe some kind of mouse bonnet to prevent the biting.

    Go to a better vet if the one you are going to can not give you answers. I found one of the best in NY and even they weren’t that big of a help.



    Definately mites.

    You can buy a small animal mite spray at most pet stores. You will need to not only treat the mouse but fully spray its cage. Chances are your bag of substrate was/is infected and you will either need to freeze it for a few days (kills em) or replace it.
    If you decide to replace it,bag it into cage change amounts and freeze, pull out just prior to using to warm it a bit, chuck old stuff, clean cage, then spray with mite killer, then add clean substrate, then lightly spray again.

    It is treatable, you will just have to be very vigilant in getting rid of it fully, then keeping up a maintenance schedule to keep the mites away.

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