Should my cats be speyed?

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    We have two, ten month old cats which we have decided to keep as indoor cats. My question is would you recommend having them speyed? They won’t be going outside, but is it better for the cats’ health to have them speyed?
    Opinions please!! 🙂



    It is much better for them (and your home) to have them spayed and since they are already ten months old I would not wait much longer. If they are not spayed they can have behavior problems such as meowing loudly all the time, spraying on furniture, fighting, and moodiness.

    They can also have more physical problems such as a higher risk of some cancers if they are not spayed.

    Ask any veterinarian and they will tell you that a spayed cat, regardless if it is indoors or not, is a happier, healthier cat. Good luck to you and your cats.



    Yes because accidents happen, and cats get outside. We had a female cat who is half blind who never ever went outside slip out a window, dissapeared for a month and when we finally got her back she was pregnant. We were going to get her
    Spayed that week, but even the most careful pet owners have accidents.

    So please do the cat overpopulation problem a favor and get your cats both spayed ASAP!



    I would get them spayed. If you don’t they will go into season and they get extremely desperate to mate and will “spray” in your home as well as roll around the floor, meow a lot, and generally it’s not very nice for them either.

    It also prevents any unlikely but possible problems like pyometra.



    Personally? If it was me, they weren’t being a huge pain and I could keep them inside no doubt until a spay happened I would keep them intact until maybe a year. I like to let animals grow before I alter (if I do) them. Cats tend to have many more compelling reasons to alter because they are pretty hard to live with otherwise but if you can, in my opinion waiting for maturity is never a bad thing (as long as you are responsible).

    I have a intact male right now and have no plans on castration until he is at least a year old hopefully later.



    hi yes you should have the cat spayed even if they are going to be inside cats it is better for there health and they also will not have the erge to go outside good luck

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