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    Hello everyone! I am thinking about maybe getting a siberian kitten but my dad is allergic. Can you please give me info about them? We might do an allergy testing next month to make sure he is not allergic. Thanks!!!!! Also here is a list of my pros and cons about cats. Do any of you have any more ideas about any more pros/cons? (I would like more pros please but I want to make sure I have all the cons to deal with them.)

    lowers stress
    very sweet
    calmer than dogs
    easier to take care of
    no need to walk
    less expensive
    makes your daughter happy
    don’t run away
    less likely to be hit by car
    less need to exercise
    make your bed warm
    salm you down
    groom *themselves*
    not very smelly
    purring helps you fee tired at night
    can be outdoor or indoor

    maybe makes dad sick
    litter box is stinking
    no pregnant ladies around cat litter
    sharp claws

    Thanks again everyone!!!!!!!!! :kitty:



    I disagree with less expensive, they are equally as expensive as dogs.

    Also, if cats are not spayed or neutered they often wander away, so yes cats do run away.

    Cats are hit by cars much more often than dogs!

    And no cat should be forced to live outdoors, A lot of people have indoor/outdoor cats, but never get a cat and make it live outside.



    Sweet – I have 1 cat thats adorably sweet & 1 that is only sweet when he wants to be

    Calmer – Not all cats are nice and calm *L*

    Easy to care for – I have 1 easy maintenance cat and 1 that requires daily grooming

    No need to walk – Yes that can be true, but indoor cats still require stimulation, or they can become your worst nightmare *L*

    Snuggly – Not all cats are snugglers

    Cost – I agree with Punky on the cost of keeping them. I have both (cats and dog) and both cost me fairly equal amounts in upkeep

    Makes your daughter happy – Yesss, but will it make EVERYone in the household happy?

    Don’t run away – Ooooo definately wrong there.. I have 1 cat who is almost 2yrs, has never set a foot outdoors in his entire life and he has just started to take a run for the door.

    Less likely to be hit by car – By the amount of cats vs dogs i see laying on or beside the road on my daily car trips, i’d argue that point definately.

    Less need to exercise – Read my point on needing stimulation

    Make your bed warm – Excellent bed warmers, but can also add fleas *L* or decide its playtime in the middle of the night *L*

    quieter – Errrrr some cats are some arent, i have one vocal male and he doesnt care what time he starts. Also ever had an in heat female cat in your house?….nuff said

    Calm you down – Depends on the cats temperament

    Groom *themselves* – Well sometimes their grooming is just not enough.

    Not very smelly – No, they generally do not smell. If they do i’d take them to the vet

    Purring helps you feel tired at night – Purring can also keep you awake at night *L* I have 1 that is very loud, specially if he feels the need to be up near your head

    Can be outdoor or indoor – This is true, and it really is personal preference.

    A lot depends on the actual cat you get, cats can have varying individual pros/cons the same as humans

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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