Sick Baby Boy

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    I have had My Boy Bonkers for 2 weeks today. He is a Friendly Loving Boy, & he is 4 months old.
    He was out playing for a couple hours this morning, my boyfriend put him back in his house & he napped for a couple of hours. He woke up and tried to eat some food, but vomited it back up, I thought he was being a pig & was eating to fast.
    About 45 mins later he woke back up, but it seemed like he was making a moaning type sound as he was trying to get down to the next level of his house, he appeared to be dragging his hind end & very clumsey. He was trying to vomit something up.

    I took him out & he was like a rag doll, I actually thought he was dead. He was listless, & kind of out of it. It really scared the crap out of us. We layed him on the floor where he was barely moving, but when he did finally get up it was like he was disorented. He was walking, but kind of dragging his butt around with 2 front legs that were going in all directions

    We called the vet & took him right away. The vet thought it was maybe low blood sugar, so they tested him for that, & found it to be normal, but gave him a couple doses of Sugar to be sure.
    She then thought that it may be a blockage, & wanted to xray him to see if that was it.
    We got the xrays back, she said it didn’t look like there was a blockage, but she did see some specs of something on there.

    By this time he had started to come back around, & was climbing the bars of the kennel, & acting his silly self. So she said we could bring him home and watch him over night.

    I’m still very scared & worried for my little guy.
    He pooped & it was black & runny. Could this be a sign he’s getting worse?? or is it good & means he’s passing whatever is there???

    When we got him home he slept for a bit, then he had some food & water , and is now curled up in his cozy hammock fast asleep.

    He continues to be very mellow, & he still just doesnt seem good to me.
    Do I just need to give him a good day of rest & hope that brings him back to the Crazy Lil Lunatic I know & love???

    Please give me some advice, & Get Wells for My Boy Bonkers….
    He is so precious to me, & if I loose him, it will break my heart….

    Thank you & Best Wishes To You All…..



    black stool is typically intestinal blockage disease or stomach ulcers. take him back in immediately. make sure your vet specializes in ferrets! suggest antibiotic and a ferret ulcer medication

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