Sick Crab???

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    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am desperate to find answers to what is going on with our crab, Ike. Ike molted a few weeks ago, and we uncovered to check him, but promptly covered him up. His color looked fine… About a week later, our daughter took Ike out and played with him. He had not come up from his substrate on his own… he was dug up. She was told not to do that, because of the stress it can cause. Ike eventually came up and started crawling around. He then decided to change shells last week… not sure why, shell was smaller than the one he was in. Last night I check on him and he was drinking water out of the dish. Looked fine, didn’t seem to be unhappy. Today, we looked in on him and he was hanging out of his shell, not moving much at all. We moistened the substrate, sprayed water to add humidity. At lunch time, I check again… he looked pretty pitiful, almost dead 🙁 I am so worried at this point. We removed Ike and isolated him from the crabitat. He is still pink and purple, but he hasn’t moved. His eyes down and he looks so tired. I don’t know if he will make it, and I just needed advice.

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