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    My sister Marlene had an operation on October 15th,had a kink in her bowel.She had this problem a few years ago.Marlene and her husband along with my Mom were up at their cottage on the Canadian Thanksgiving,had a pain on the Sunday,had it the next day came home,still had it and went to the hospital her in Bowmanville.If there was to be an operation she wanted it done at St.Michael’s Hospital in Toronto where she had it done before,the doctor who did it is there.The hospital here called the Doctor there,he said he had to find a room there,couldn’t so the operation was done here.i took 3 and a half hours,went well,bowel was straightened out,mesh put around one of her several hernias.She was the for a week ,came home last Thursday.Mom went up twice a day to see her,I would drive her up and back,only a couple of minutes away be car.I finally got to see her with Mon a week lat Sunday after church,someone had to be here and watch Fritz and Taffy.Taffy stayed here during the week,went home at night and came back in the morning ,was home on weekends.She now stays with Marlene.Marlene gets some staples out from the operation next Thursday.She doesn’t do much yet,rests a lot,have had family members bringing food for supper.

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