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    Now, this might seem to be a long way off before I get a rabbit or the guinea pigs, but I wanted some information from you guys because its been about a few years that I’ve had rabbits /guinea pigs.
    To be precise about 10 years since I’ve had rabbits and about 7 since I’ve had guinea pigs.
    But in between that I’ve had, rats, mice, dogs ECT so im well knowledge about small animals.

    For the rabbit im looking at getting a female Netherlands dwarf rabbit, she will be an inside rabbit as im going to keep her in my room and every day when our dog Sasha goes for a walk I’ll let her out in the garden under close supervision to munch on grass.
    Other times she’d be residing in her cage in my room
    Although that sentence there seems harsh
    I must add to this, my 3 rats over the past 5 years have always been able to run around my room/ my bed/ landing/ hall way for over 6 hours a day so they have spent more time out of the cage running around, snoozing then they have in the cage.
    Don’t worry im not stupid, I had a friend who kept a rabbit in a house cage and never let it out, then decided to get another rabbit and they bough fought…rspca was called in of course.

    You know all the usual I’d spoil them rotten and such.
    The only concern I have is that, at the moment even though Charlie is in a safe cage out dog Sasha does like to come into my room, sit in front of his cage and drool
    Given the chance the two would be allowed to meet she would kill him.
    I understand this and I have a solution that im training her to keep out of my room and she does keep out.
    But on occasions she does come in and let me say she’s been bitten by Charlie a few times through the cage bars. (go Charlie!)
    But still were talking about a rabbit here, Sasha chases rabbits when she’s out for walks although she’s not fast enough to catch one and even if she did if it squealed she wouldn’t know what to do and get a bit scared and let it go.

    So…good idea for a rabbit? Any other advice I need?

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