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    He all,

    I haven’t been on here for a long time. I have been so crazy busy with the new house and getting married…..anyways

    I have a new addition to my bunny clan. Her name original is Bunny Butt and she is a dwarf lion head I think…but not sure. very cute and fluffy black fur. I don’t think the bonding will be working out, so I had a two story cage bulit for her. she seems to love it and who knows maybe down the road she will bond with one of my two buns. not going to hold my breath on it though :p so we will see if she stays or goes back home with her “buyer” who doesn’t really want her.

    I have been teacher her about the litter box and she is doing very well with me 😀

    so now I just need to get my puppy to chill out and leave her alone! Driving me crazy LOL! Wish us luck!

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