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    I have 20 Pet Degu that I have either rescued or I have bred (I got my first Degu 8 yrs. ago). I find myself in need of finding homes for all of my Degu due to personal reasons. Some history about my Degu. On May 8/11 one of my degu had a litter of 9 one perished at birth and two more were to follow. I did everything possible to save the Mom but was unable and I was left with 7 orphaned degu 5 days old. I hand raised these babies, and was able to save 4 of them, 3 males and 1 little girl. These little ones are totally trusting of the human hand and love to be handled and can be very vocal when talked to, all are healthy and thriving. I feel very close to this litter and want them to be placed in a special forever home. Another Degu of mine had a litter of 11 one perished at birth and 10 survived after helping the Mom feed them with puppy formula for the first 2 weeks. This litter was born on April 28/11. Out of this litter there were 5 males and 5 girls. The pet store I deal with took the 5 boys but due to limited space wasn’t able to take the the other, so I still have the 5 girls. The last litter was born July 8/11, in total I have 14 babies and 7 adults (oldest Degu is 4 yrs. old). If anyone knows of a place that can help me find homes for my little ones or if anyone wants to adopt they can contact me through this forum.

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