Success of housing Chinese Hamsters together

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    As long as I can remember I’ve heard that Chinese hams often don’t get along once they reach maturity and should be housed alone. Then I hear more and more that only females can’t live together successfully. Other claim that they get along fine. There are a lot of mixed messages about this and I have to wonder for those that have tried what the mistake may have been. Perhaps the cage was too small or something or perhaps it is the species. I can’t find Chinese hamsters here so I can’t try myself (though it can be only a matter of time seeing as suddenly there are WWs and robos here when there never was before). So I would like to know whether generally if Chinese hams can be housing together.

    So for those that have or had a pair or group of Chinese hamsters I would be very grateful if you could answer some questions for me. Even if you had them ‘before you knew about hamsters’, the info is still appreciated.

    1. How many hamsters were in this group?
    2. What was the gender of these hamsters?
    3. What kind of cage were they in? (A brand/model name or dimensions)
    4. How many wheels did they have?
    5. Can you please describe their set up? (How many beds, what kind of toys, was it crowded, etc)
    6. Did they need to be separated?
    7. Were they siblings?

    Thanks for anyone that can answer!

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