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    Hey there – we have a huge variety of fabrics onhand for adorable cage sets

    our standard cage sets are 10 peices and include:
    a high quality bonding pouch with zipper and screen window
    a sleeping pouch
    a bridge
    a tunnel
    2 corner hammocks
    a full sized hammock
    2 snuggly warm fleece blankets
    a toy

    our large cage sets are $48 and are 16 peices! a HUGE set it includes:
    a bonding pouch
    2 sleeping pouches
    2 bridges
    a tunnel
    a suggie kite
    2 corner hammocks
    2 full sized hammocks
    4 fleece blankets
    and a toy

    visit our ebay store at
    our website at
    or email us at [email protected]
    for more information

    April and Lisa

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