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    I went on to a website called GuineaPig/forum and i felt attacked! that website made me feel bashed just for asking question that i didn’t know about like if i knew them. I went there for help but i didn’t receive much, only bad moderators who were making users feel bad! I wanted to ask if anyone here went through that experience on that same website. I felt it was overrated and there was just too much nonsense. Has anyone here went through that on the same website? I hear this is a good forum! 😉


    me02 original

    Yes well, back in the day it was an amazing forum, Not saying its not a good forum right now.
    But you might have to wait for replies more longer than you would of done before.
    people do still come here so the forum is not completley dead which is good.
    We will try to help you the best we can as well:D
    im sorry to hear you were attacked on another forum.


    macon pets

    I have enjoyed this forum a lot since I started a couple of weeks ago. Not real happy about the all replies being moderated before showing but it may get better once I have posted more.



    It’ll take a couple more months for the post to go directly to the board I had the same thing happen still having problems with this site not loading properly one reason I haven’t been back for a while.
    I kind of feel like this message board is in it’s last days because the activity is almost non-existent but there are a few members on here who believe this forum still has a chance so as long as there are those keeping the faith and replying to posts.
    Don’t mean to be a bummer but thats just the reality of the situation.
    I do know a couple of people who have been members of that guineapig forum and got flammed super bad for asking questions that the moderators thought should be common knowledge places like that don’t need arrogant people fileding questions because they only do more harm than good.



    I keep posting, but no one really answers anymore, so i must admit even i dont post much now. I do drop by though



    Petshub is pretty cool. However you do have to wait to do somethings cause your accout needs to be verified or you need permission and stuff like that. It stinks that they were so rude I’m sorry. So far as I know PetsHub works pretty well for me, people just need to get on more thats all :).

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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