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    I am writing because I don’t know where to turn. This past Friday, Jan. 29, my husband was working in the area of Hialeah, Florida, when he came across a young boy standing over a small dog that was hit by a car. My husband, Jorge, stopped to help. The dog did not belong to the boy, but to a neighbor, who was not home at the time. Several of the neighbors came out to see what was going on, and recognized the dog, which we think is a Chihuahua, and identified this dog as the neighbors. It was apparent that this animal was in a lot of pain and could not walk, but was dragging it’s little body with the front two legs. Jorge took the dog, left his card with all his information to the neighbors, including the young boy, to give to the owner. We are not too familiar with the area of Hialeah and did not know of a Veterinary around the area, so we decided to bring her down to the Kendall area. We took her to Miami Veterinary Specialists, located at 8601 Sunset Drive.
    Late that afternoon, the owner of the dog called my husband to find out about his dog. Jorge told the man where the dog was, and to call him when he was close, so Jorge could meet up with him. Jorge told the man that the dog suffered injury to both her back legs. One leg needs to be amputated, and the other has the hip shattered, and needs surgery to repair. Unbelievably the man never called or showed up at the Vet’s.
    Needless to say we have so far paid the bill to keep her there under observation, stabilize her vitals, and keep her on pain medication. At this point we don’t know what to do. It all depends on the cost of the surgery.
    If we can’t pay for this and decide to euthanize her, which is against our belief, can the owner come back to us and hold us responsible?
    We are truly animal lovers and are desperately trying to save this dog. Unfortunately I cannot keep the dog. I have 4 of my own, and a 4 month old baby. If maybe someone out there has the heart to take over and care for her, we will try within our means to help. I would truly be grateful for some help, or legal advise on this matter.

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