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    I’ve been to google to read up on ferret’s digging and I already know it’s a natural thing they do. And It never was a problem with my Ferrets. I have a girl who is a few months older than my male and she is completely laid back and doesn’t cause any type of trouble. My male is very different. He loves attention, and he loves getting into everything he can. They have their own room with a cage, tube, toys, everything they need when I’m not home. I caged them when they were babies but my male learned how to squeeze out so I stopped caging them because I was afraid he would get stuck under the bar and strangle himself. So for almost 9 months they were uncaged and I never had a problem with it except for a corner of the room a little tore up.

    Now that I’ve explained a little bit about them I will get to what I was asking lol

    My male out of nowhere starts acting out I wanna say. I don’t know the correct work to use. One day he just started to non-stop scratch at the door. And I know they dig. This just seems very weird. Because he’s never acted like this where he does it non-stop. I can give him all the attention in the world to try and calm him down but as soon as I’m out that door he starts to dig. He’s been doing this for the past couple weeks. He used to just scratch at the door for a minute, but then just out out of no where it turned into non stop digging.

    What I’m basically trying to say is… Is this because he is now an adult ferret, is he just doing it because he thinks he can dig out, does he just enjoy it, or does he just crave more attention?

    It just seemed off to me that he would do this out of no where. I had to go back to caging them when I’m not home because it was annoying my parents. I’m looking for any tips people can give me to help him out. I hate having him in a cage all day while I’m at work.

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