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    I was at a reptile exp today and a lady was selling a torqoise Iguana. I wanted to buy it but some gal snatched it up before I could even decide. They bought it for 275 dollars and now ive been searching all over the bloody internet to find one and I cant seem to locate any information on them!!!!

    ive looked up:
    Blue Diamond Iguanas
    El Salvador Blue Diamond Iguanas
    Blue Iguanas— Not Cayman Island blue
    Torqoise Iguana
    Teal Iguana

    I am beyond confused as to where to go from here. Right now I have 1 green 1 red and 1 rhino chilling around my house and am hoping to add to the iguana family If anyone has any information on them please help

    and it is part of the iguana iguana family

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