Two SF Bay Area 14 wk old male cats need home.

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    Not brothers, but good friends.

    We live in Richmond CA and we’re fostering (we’ve only had them for a few weeks-we got them from a rescuer who needed room to take in younger kittens) two cute white-footed/chested black males, Mickey and Max. Now about 14 weeks old, they’ve been fixed, have received most of their vaccinations (that’s being worked on–Mickey will get his third, Max his very soon) and tested negative for FIV/FELV.

    We’d love to keep them, but our other cats INSIST we find good homes for them. It’d be nice to keep them together, but if they have to find homes separately, that’d be ok too, altho a little difficult for them at first because they are such pals.

    Mickey is slightly chunkier, is getting quicker by the minute, and loves to charge out and explore. He’s a climber; he’s already explored a number of floor to ceiling philodendrons. Max is a bit thinner–he looks like he has some Siamese in him, loves contact with us (Mickey does too, but it’s extra important with Max), does a lot of talking, and looks to Mickey a bit for leadership. They’re very friendly with each other, with people (we had folks over for dinner, and the kitties took to them immediately), and purr a lot. These are two well-adjusted, happy kitties looking for a home of their own. Actually, we’re looking for a home for them–they’re having a great time, and would be happy to stay here. Or anywhere, I think!

    Pix and details:

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