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    I have 2 ferrets, both are about 8 months old.
    Neither one of them seems to like to be loved on, they seem like they are constantly on the go, and when you pick them up they just are determined to get away and continue what there doing, and they are very often held so its not like there not used to it. I hear stories of people who’s ferrets sleep in their owner’s laps and that like to be petted on. So, I’m wondering is it normal for ferrets to not seek out there owners for affection? Are there was to bond with my ferrets?



    one word. treats



    My ferret would only want to hang out on me when he had used up all his energy. Otherwise, it was go go go. When he was worn out he occasionally would come over to me, but more often waited for me to pick him up and set him in my lap.



    Ferrets all have different personalities, perhaps it’s just the way yours are. A lot of times they like to sleep a lot though, so maybe they’ll mellow out soon?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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