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    Nika didnt take Scooby passing on well at all (no one did really). She had to be sedated for just over a week to help her cope. She is doing well now though thankfully.

    She is a bit feral at present, cause she has been house yard bound for 10 weeks due to her being in season, and then i sorta dislocated my ankle and havent been able to take her out for walks.

    We are slowly getting back out there, but i cant go too far yet as she is so excited to be out she is pulling a bit (and no i dont blame her for being excited *L*). My ankle does not cope well with this at all.

    I’m hoping ankle will come good soon as i really want to get her back to school and into sserious training again.

    Pics to come when my stupid internet is back upto speed

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