VERY pregnant gerbil has lice. HELP!

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    so, we had a run in with lice a while back, and we were 100% certain we got rid of them….or so we thought. we hadnt seen any up until today when we were playing with out white male Maze. we saw a couple in his fur, as far as we know its a very mild case because we cleaned their cage TODAY and i didnt see any on the glass/in their house, though there was ONE on their water bottle.

    now, we know how to get rid of them, thats not the problem.
    we’re gonna soak them in some olive oil 🙂 they’ll hate it haha

    but, the problem is Murphy, Mazes girlfriend, is VERY pregnant. she should be due sometime this week, and what im worried about is the babies getting the lice. we planned on keeping two and giving the rest to some close friends….i’d be devastated if we lost even one of the pups to the bloodsuckers.

    what im asking is, is there anything i can do? should i quarantine the mother and the young so at least the daddys bugs wont be an issue? or should i just give them the oil bath as planned and let nature take its course?

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