Was it water what killed my rainbow crab?

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    I had a rainbow crab since Christmas, everything seemed fine however a few weeks ago he dropped 6 of his 8 legs and died. I have no idea why, I have aquarium snails which should have been dead ages ago because they are much less tolerant toward contaminants or structure of the water. The water I used was tap water, but it was constantly filtered through a carbon sponge.

    I used half and half aquarium/terarium.

    I wish to buy a new crab pretty soon, I changed everything in the thing, washed out the sand, rocks etc etc etc :|. I feel totally confused.

    3 aquarium snails are alive and in perfect condition.

    My main question right now is how do I prepare tap water for the water part? unless you think it wasn’t water’s fault.

    Temperature was around 19 degree Celsius, maybe he needed more, but it didn’t seem as a problem and the crab lost 5 oh his legs over 24 hours.

    Thanks :|.

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