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    This has probably been addressed before but I couldn’t find in past postings and I am getting frantic.

    I just bought a hammy 6 days ago. I didn’t realize just how attached I would become…
    *sigh* She is beautiful with one brown spot on her back between two brown bands. My daughter named her Spot-tina. She has a wonderful disposition.

    I called the place where I got her and they were very kind and apologized because it seems the whole batch they got ended up with this disease. They offered replacement but I would like to save Spot-tina. The man suggested plain yogurt through small dropper and pedialyte as well. He said to keep her cage/housing as clean as possible.

    Everywhere on the web it seems no one has good prognosis for this disease. Has anyone’s hammy survived it? What did you do?

    Plus what is the most comfortable lowest temp. that is not harmful to hammys? I just heard on the weather that we are going down to low 30’s again and my heating is horrible.

    Thank you in advance for reading and/or replying!

    Any suggestions or knowledge about wet tail would be appreciated!



    Hi Maeve,

    Something similar happened to me some months ago. I bought a young Syrian from a petshop, only to have it die of wet-tail after a week.

    I’m not sure if there’s any cure for wet-tail, but I guess if ur hamster is in the early stages of wet-tail, it *might* stand a chance.

    Yeps, the most important thing is to keep the hamster’s housing as clean as possible. However, wet-tail sets in very fast, & as it gets more serious, the hamster will grow very listless & weak.

    I think the best advice I can give u is to bring Spot-tina to the vet *ASAP*. Perhaps then proper medication can be prescribed to save her life.

    Wish u all the best.



    Hi mauve, I have experienced wet tail many times ( i rescue pet rodents) and I agree there is no real cure stated anywhere. The yogurt suggestion, im not sure about. Yes plain yogurt apparently kills bacteria, but on the other hand the hamster has diarrhoea which could make it worse. I am told that before we see the symtems the hamster has the disease for about 7 days. I gues if we new within that 7 days more hamsters would be saved. I am in england and in the part of england i live the vets do not really know how to treat a small rodents. Everytime i have taken a hamster to the vet with wet tail, they have given an injection of antibiotics and then im told to come back if the hamster does not get better. The vet knows the hamster is not going to get better.
    Have you been to your vet? Hopefully, your hamster has recovered. Once the hamster gets to a stage were they shake there whole body when standing, thats when they are most certainly going to die. Dehydration is very important. If your hamster is not looking to bad, try and get some water into her, little and often. I wish I could make it all better for you, I know how it feels.
    I will be thinking of you and your little hamster… best of luck…wendy



    I only have had hamsters for about one year, so certainly am no expert. About giving yogurt, yogurt adds bacteria flora – not destroys it. People usually recommend yogurt (plain with no additional sugars or flavoring) when using Dri Tail medicine or any antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all bacteria (including the “good” kinds. Yogurt restores this bacteria flora, which is needed for healthy digestion. Anyway, when I first got into hammies, I purchased a pair from a petshop. They developed wet tail and were dead within 7 days. I was able to get one replacement hamster from another shipment. After, one day, he also showed signs of wet tail. I did give him Dri Tail as per their instructions. He got worse and worse. Looked terrible. I also started syringe feeding him – baby oatmeal cereal mixed with some kayro syrup with some Nutrical. He looked miserable. I was sure he would not make it, but then all of a sudden his appetite returned. This happened about after 5-6 days after first showing signs of wet tail. He is now active and healthy. But, the majority of hamsters that get wet tail will die no matter how much you try to save them, unfortunately. All you can do is try your best, and hope and pray.



    my hamester escaped monday. We found him running across the living room five days later. He had wet tail. Closed eyes,wet rear end, irritability. All the signs. I bought some Dri-Tail at the pet store. five dollars. the net says don’t trust this stuff. I owe them the life of my little buddy. 4 days later he is still alive and kicking and doing great!!! Still the same old bud. For more info email me at [email protected]



    about a month has passed now and bud is still doing wonderfull. the only thing different is that he don’t run at night as much. he sleeps alot more. but he is still pretty friendly. please respond i am starting to think that nobody reads this stuff



    Hello matthewmarsh,

    Thanks a lot for the info…seems like Dri-Tail is pretty handy to have around. Will check it out at the petshop wink.gif

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