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    She is a Black Moor that I call Aliza… I came home Monday evening to find her stuck in a plant upside down and unable to keep herself upright. I tried hard to get her to readjust not knowing how long she had been stuck like that I held her upright for a while when I didnt hold her help she sank belly up. We had been fighting a parasite (grey film over body) recently so I have been treating with Parasite Guard and Fungus Guard for secondary infection as recommended by tetra. The next day I found her floating at the top.. I took her out of the tank and put her in a smaller container with low water level to relieve pressure on her body and hand fed her peas. I have been handing feeding her peas 2-3 times a day since then ( today was the 1st time i reduced to twice a day) and she has began to poop healthy again but, she is back to laying on the bottom of the tank and has a very hard time getting up ( she can get one occasionally on her own now but, only for short distances and its not super controlled)…. I went to petsmart and had the water tested last night since I had been medicating and they said everything was perfect except the alkaline was a little high but, I have adjusted that back to normal now… I do not remember my exact number but, all was a-okay as of 9pm last night I have also added a half dose of aquarium salt …. She acts fine otherwise super excited to eat still has all her other habits she wiggles her way to her favorite corner when she sleeps she tries so hard to come to the glass when i go up to tank ……I just don’t know what to do does anyone have any ideas what is wrong with her ( is it swim bladder or something else) ??

    Please someone help me I feel so guilty seeing her just lay there .. I now alot of people think I am silly but, I love her just as she was a dog or a cat… ive never had fish was such personality before and I would just feel guilty if I didnt do everything gin my power to try and make her better….

    ** she is about 2 years old and has only one tank tank mate a slightly older black moor ( named Fonzy if anyone cares lol)

    * the pictures attached show her …top view i feel like there is swelling on her back right, …..her close up she lays in my hand while I feed her ( but, has lately gotten more antsy meaning she may be feeling alittle better/ stronger…. and her this morning this is how she has been laying the past two days.

    Im desperate I at the point of considering making her a jacket like a fish named einsteins (look up einstein life jacket)

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