Where did my lizard go?

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    So here is some background information. I had a terrarium which I filled with tropical plants. It has a soil floor about 6-8″ deep, with a sandy area on one side for drainage. I used an aquarium. Ok. All is good, until one day I started noticing that I was having a huge fungus gnat infestation. I couldn’t get rid of them, so I got a lizzard. My wife insisted that we get another lizard, else the first might get lonely.

    So I bought a mesh screen lid, basking lamp and placed it over the exposed sandy area and replaced the 5000K grow lamp with a UVB bulb – which is actually doing better for the plants and mold is better controlled. Introduced the two lizards, a long tailed lizard and and a green anole and the gnat problem was fixed. All well and good, and I enjoyed watching the lizards jump around in my miniature rain forest.

    That is until this morning when Spider, the long-tailed lizard vanished! The terrarium is very secure, and I cannot imagine how he would have escaped.

    So I am wondering what the heck happened. I suppose it’s possible that it escaped and in the next several hours we’ll hear him jumping in the scrap paper bin. But i don’t think that’s the case. I’ve also been having trouble maintaining proper humidity, averaging around 30% if I don’t spray warm water – I know nothing about lizards, is it possible that he burroughed into the soil to get away from dry air?

    The long-taled lizard was also much more active a hunter and tended to eat all the cricuts. It isn’t possible that Walter, the green anole who is slightly larger width-wise and was left without many cricuits to eat, and ate Spider … Right?

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