Where is my squirrel gone ?

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    Hello everyone,

    I am so sad, I don’t know what happened to my squirrel. She is a black eastern gray female who has been nesting in one of the column of my front porch. She had her babies there, I could hear them. She has been around all summer and I would hand feed her.
    One week ago, I saw her at night, sleeping on top of the column, her babies were still inside. Since then, I have not seen her again.
    I know that the babies are gone because I can hear no more movement in that column but I find it very worrying that she has not come back at all when I would feed her everyday before.
    Is that normal? Is she gone with her youngs? Is she enjoying her new freedom? Or is it not normal and something wrong might have happen?

    Thank you for telling me your thoughts, I feel so sad and worried.


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