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    We want to get a big new cage for our degus for Christmas.

    The only quality large cage available to us locally is the Midwest Ferret Nation

    But we are really worried that degus can escape through the width of bars typically used in ferret cages, which we usually find are a 1″ wide bar.

    What is the opinion of experienced degu owners? Will ferret cages work?



    I have mine in a ferret cage and have not had any issues. I’ve had people recommend aquariums for them but that gets to be too expensive and i dont like the lack of ventilation. Mine are all under a year old and haven’t had any issues with the width of the bars and I really recommend it. They seem to really love it and i think it looks awesome. Hope this helps! Erica



    We settled on a Martin cage meant for rats. We wanted the narrow bars in case we ever have to house baby degus. We ordered powder coated as the black bars are nicer to look at and through.

    The degus are overjoyed with their new, multi-level cage! They are having a wonderful time zipping all over it. They even sleep in their Wodent Wheel!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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