Worried about my new betta. Female, or male with fin rot?

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    You’re all probably sick of this question, huh? xD

    Anyroad. So. I bought a white betta yesterday, and I’ve got some questions.

    First of all, I have another betta, male, who’s very healthy and active, and is probably the healthiest fish I’ve ever owned. He loves his food, loves to swim and he always greets me.

    This fish swims around well, and is slow to eat but nothing too worrying. The store I bought him from housed the bettas as to be expected: tiny cup, gross water and absolutely no room to move. I think he’s happy to have room to move, to be honest.

    However, it’s fins are strangely short, which is leading me to believe that is either a she and I’m worrying about nothing, or that it is a he and that it might have fin rot. It’s eyes are clear, scales are literally flawless, and there’s no weird growths on it or any strange discoloration, so that’s good, and like I said, it’s active and it still eats. The fin thing is really worrying me, though.

    This is getting so long already, but here’s a picture of it. Hopefully the photo will help you guys out a little. It’s fins actually look a bit longer here than they do as I’m looking at him right now.


    Also, as a more generic betta fish care question, I love to give my fish different kinds of foods: freeze dried bloodworms and brine shrimp, betta pellets and flakes… is it alright to be feeding them so many different kinds of foods, or should I stick to one or two particular brands/forms?

    Thanks in advance, guys. I hope you’re having a great day. <3



    Your link to the picture doesn’t work.

    As for the foods, don’t feed freeze dried bloodworm at all. It’s low in nutrition compared with frozen or live bloodworm.

    Live is really best but frozen is ok. Don’t feed too much live food in one go as this is known to cause bloating in bettas. The stomach is roughly only as big as their eye.

    But otherwise a variety of foods is good, and it’s great your betta will eat them as some bettas can be horrifically picky.

    As long as you don’t give a mix of all these foods in one sitting, and alternate them you should be fine. Live foods 2-3 times a week ( 2-4 worms is all that’s needed ) dry foods in between, and it’s good to have one day a week where you don’t feed them at all, or feed them a little bit of cooked de-shelled pea. Just break it into betta sized bites. The vegetable matter helps flush out their system and guard against possible bloating.

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