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    I recently bought a ball python from someone who does not have the time to take care of it. It is about 6 months old. I am knowledgeable about ball pythons and their morphs. This one has all the qualities of a Yellow Belly ball and or a het albino ball python. I will post a pic tomorrow, but for now i will describe.

    The pattering on the top of the snake is lighter in color, and keeps on getting lighter after every shed, its almost getting to be like an orange-yellow, then fades down to a golden maroon color on the mid-side. From there it has lots of small black speckles where the golden maroon color fades into a deep orange-yellow color.
    On the belly, only 1/2 of his belly has the speckles going all the way down to its tail on both sides. Its a beautiful ball python, its normal looking but not quite as dull as most normals. It also every time it sheds , in between the pattern near the belly has these “flames” that keep getting more pronounced. I am curious to know what it will look like when it gets older, it keeps getting better every shed.
    I know u will need a picture, and i will post it tomorrow, but will like to hear from some people from the description i just gave. Thanks!

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